External renovation

A few weeks ago we completed project of Dental Clinic outdoor painting in a beautiful East Horsley. We prepared the wooden windows, frame and brick wall for painting. We used oil base paint. We always try to take best quality indoor and outdoor paints. We can recommend Johnstones as they are very dense and cover every type of wood very well. Undercoat paint is so dense as the Dulux Trade was 10 years ago.

It can be water base paint used as well, but we prefer oil base paint as it is more durable, abrasion resistant and weatherproof.

We strongly recommend the oil base ones as they can be used once for a very long time. One paint coat will remain good for years. This is why clients are satisfied. We use professional products to make the paint work durable and high quality.

We also handled with the different colours of paints on the windows, frames and wall by using special paint dries.