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Currently the best place to find skilled professional, who will renovate our flat or house is the Internet. If you’re looking for a painter and decorator in Putney or a painter and decorator in Barnes, you are recommended to visit the on-line forums. Painters and decorators in Barnes and Putney usually advertise their services on such websites as gumtree, or There you’ll find numerous professionals, ready to paint and decorate your property. They post information for example on the scope of services, experience, rates and availability, and on the basis of the data provided by them you can find the most attractive offer in accordance with the factors, which are the most important for you.

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Special attention should be paid to the scope of services provided by the potential contractor, since not everything we planned may be performed by a particular offeror, and what is more, each additional activity may be subject to an extra charge. On-line forums, in addition to the information provided by the professionals themselves, often also include references from people, for whom the contractors rendered services, and we can also read about the customers’ negative experiences associated with the cooperation with a certain contractor. Some websites even provide a “black list” of companies or individuals, whose reputation is questionable and whose customers were dissatisfied with the performance of work. Today references constitute a very reliable source of information on the quality of services rendered. And in case of painting and decorating services, the quality is very important, since we will look at the outcome of the work every day, most probably for the next few years. If we’re not satisfied, we’ll have to spend twice as much, because another painter and decorator will have to make corrections. Therefore we should devote some amount of time to finding a reliable contractor, who will put their heart into the renovation of our property.