Painters and Decorators Winchester

The client approaches us with the request for my painters and decorators to fix the front of their pet store. We have found that most of the wood has been damaged by water and has begun to rot.

Pictured are the layers of paint that have been scraped and the wood that has been cleaned. Water damage is prevented by sealing the wood using a resin applied after the cleaning process. In comparison with standard wood filler, resin is much more durable and can withstand longer periods of time. The extent of the damage made it much more appropriate to use resin. For the walls, the old paint has been scraped and the cavities cleaned and filled. To increase the lifespan of the brickwork, a masonry sealant has been applied to the wall to create a water-resistant and damp-proof barrier. Undercoating is applied in two layers after surfaces are prepared.

Paint job needs to match the color of the banner. I have ordered special mix of Johnstones paint. I recommend two top coats of paint for the best results. The pictures below show the final results. To view more examples visit the gallery. For painters and decorators Winchester contact us to receive free quote.


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