Painting and Decorating Church Crookham

Recently, we completed a painting and decorating project in Church Crookham. It involved redecorating the entire corridor that has aged quite a bit. All surfaces have been prepared prior to painting. The walls have been sanded, and the cavities filled, followed by two coats of paint. The wooden arm rails we found could not be sanded properly since they were painted with some kind of oil. The arm rails were primed in Zinsser paint and then painted two times.
Below are pictures of the corridor before and after the renovation. The results are amazing, as is the smile on customers’ faces. 

The value of the property can be raised by a simple redecoration of the property. We can totally understand why greyish shades have been popular among customers recently, as it looks really good and balances with whites in comparison to magnolia shades which are now outdated. 

We recommend visiting Johnstone’s website to get an idea of a colour that you may like or even get some inspiration for the perfect colour for your home. We also recommend Little Greene paint which is a durable eco paint. For the latest colour trends and the perfect color combinations, check out their website. 

Painting And Decorating Church Crookham
Before – Painting and Decorating Hampshire
Painting and Decorating - Church Crookham
After – Painting and Decorating Hampshire

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