Wallpapering Guildford

Wallpapers are not as common as they use to be, but they are coming back to graces. Our recent project involved wallpapering in Guildford.

History of wallpapering in Britain begins in the 17th century. At first, wallpapers were used to decorate some small rooms and boxes. Stationers use to produce the earliest wallpapers, as they become more and more fashionable in the century, people started decorating their walls. The manufacturing process of the wallpaper has changed with a time. The first type of wallpapers has been press printed. That has been the case until the first machines have been developed to take over the process. In 1840 the first wallpaper printing machine has been produced. Machine printing process allowed more flexibility in the design, as it was quite an expensive process, you could only print one colour a day. Printing wallpapers has taken a lot of space. Nowadays, the process is much faster and easier thanks to the technological advance.

If you like our wallpapering project in Guildford, and thinking of hanging wallpapers in your house. Don’t hesitate and contact us for a free quote.

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