Window Restoration Horsham

One of our recent projects in Horsham involved the restoration of windows in a 600-year cottage. The window restoration was a challenge we faced as the oak was entirely damaged by the time and changing weather conditions. The first step we have taken is to sand the surfaces well. Then we applied a special Osmo Wood Reviver gel, which takes about 20 minutes to start reacting with the wood. After 20 minutes, we scrubbed it and rinsed it with water. Once the wood was dry and closer to its original state, we could apply the Osmo base coat. (some windows required some filler and resin due to the damage sustained from the age and weather. However, the client wanted to keep the original wood look as much as possible) The windows have received a total of 3 coats of the base coat. Osmo basecoat has outstanding properties & protects the wood against water, insects, mould, expansion and shrinkage. 

Once the base coat has dried, we could start applying the Osmo UV Protection Oil, which has the following properties : 

  • Highly water and dirt resistant
  • Clear UV Protection Oil 410 is safe for humans, plants and animals when dry.
  • Clear UV Protection Oil 420 Extra is furnished with active ingredients to protect the coating against mould, algae and fungal attacks.
  • A microporous., penetrating finish which does not crack, peel or flake
  • Delays natural greying by 12 times in comparison to untreated wood

Osmo UV protection oil will further impregnate the wood against weather conditions and ageing.

We have found this project challenging but most satisfying to date. 


Do not hesitate to contact us if you require window restoration in Horsham. To see more of our work, visit our Gallery and Latest News. The most important thing is our customer satisfaction. He was delighted with the result. You can find his review under this link.

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