Painting and Decorating Horsham

One of the recent painting and decorating projects in Horsham we completed was a challenge because the house was over 600 years old. Approaching the project carefully, we have painted the ceilings with a brush and small roller as the access was limited due to the wooden joists (seen in pictures). Due to the uneven state of the plaster, we were unable to stick a frog tape. It was really time-consuming. For the big cracks in the ceiling, we have used a wood filler which is more vital than a standard filler. To increase the lifetime of the repairs, we have cut through the cracks to cover more surfaces with the wood filler. It was a really challenging project which differs from the usual ones as not often you have a chance to work with such a historic place. Beautiful place to be.

Paints we have used: Perfect Matt Johnstone

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